My sister is making something that can be productive and helpful in the future, (only wish she started earlier). But it’s looking good so far. For a first time using a tablet, it’s not bad, a lot of people start off with tablets drawing terribly, but I’d like to congratulate her on beating the odds and actually holding on to some quality.


Me and Blogging/Tweeting/Socializing on the internet

When I began blogging with Myspace, it was the greatest thing in the world! I had 1 Follower… yep, that was the life. Until I got bored and went on to twitter, Laughed out loud when I found out posts there where called “Tweets” and I quickly got bored of that. Then went on to Facebook! Hated it. Too much exposure, too many fake people, and too much drama (My sister is a vivid example of that) and then came Tumblr, whom I have been constantly going back and forth in whether I should use it or not. And I feel like sticking here. Hopefully I see no freaks around!